Works tagged ‘2011’

Atoms versus zero’s and ones

Development and new inventions seem to be of big importance. The world starts to depend more and more on computers. Even our communication starts to rely on extern equipement. To me it seems we are starting to loose contact with our human nature this way.

In ‘Atoms’, I want to show that everything is made out of the same atoms and focus on an image where people are only part of a bigger system and where everything is in balance and connected.

‘Zero’s and ones’ shows the by humans created version of atoms, which resambles the ideas of how we create a second layer of reality and slowly get seperated from our human nature.


This series shows the fragmented way of living that appears in our modern zap culture. In the streets of  big busy modern cities it seems as if everyone is in a hurry.

People don’t have time to speak to eachother and when they are at one place they are already with their minds at another place. They want to do as much as possible in the time they have affraid to miss out on something, but thereby only experiencing things superficially.


These drawings and paintings are based on movies and photos made in the crowded area’s Shinjuku and Shibuya in Tokyo, Japan.

Game over

Kunstveiling, Museum van de Bohemian, Sociëteit de Sauna, Amsterdam, 2011

Veiling Museum van de Bohemian Societeit de Sauna