Rolling Snowball 3, Redtory, Guangzhou, China 2012





Rolling Snowball 3 presents works of twenty-four visual artists from China
and the Netherlands who all have conducted research, produced work and
exhibited in both countries in the past years. All the artists have either exhibited
for, or worked as artists in residence at CEAC. The exhibition consists of
photographs, sculptures, video, drawings, installations and perfomances.
An exhibition catalogue will be available during the press preview and opening.

Ineke Gudmundsson, May Lee, Annelie Musters

CEAC and Redtory Art + Design Factory

Irina Birger, Broersen & Lukács, Tim Chen Chuanxi, Chen Wei, Wineke Gartz,
Cathelijn van Goor, Voebe de Gruyter, Sigurdur Gudmundsson, Jia Zhixing,
Jin Jing, Kan Xuan, Marianne Lammersen, Qiangli Liang, Dirk van Lieshout,
Meiya Lin, Bert van Loo, Pan Fei Fei, Qin Jian, Nick Renshaw, Sandro Setola,
Danielle de Vos Lama, Wei Na, Yang Jian, Zhong Zheming

Lectures by artists Qin Jian, Wei Na and Cathelijn van Goor

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